With our large network of certified partners, LSE innovates integrated solutions with a diverse set of expertise
and technology.

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Schneider Electric is a leading multinational provider of and expert in
infrastructure, energy, and smart solutions. Combining technology,
automation, software, and services into integrated systems for efficiency and
sustainability. Recognized as 1# in Corporate Knight’s Global 100 Most
Sustainable, SE strives to empower all and to make the most of our energy
and resources.

Schneider Electric bridges progress and sustainability for all.

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Vertiv is the world’s leading Critical Digital Infrastructure Provider. They
specialize in design, build, and services for critical infrastructure that enables
vital applications. From data centers and communication networks to
commercial facilities. It is a leader in power, cooling, and IT infrastructure
Vertiv seeks to help meet the world’s demand for continuous connectivity,
delivering the next generation of cloud and edge infrastructure.